Feedback: The Greatest Movie Evert sold


I just saw Morgan Spurlocks “The Greatest Movie Ever  Sold” The tight contracts, partner rejections, pitch meetings, cold calls, partnership management, moments of loss of control, brand push back, product placement challenges, and managing the selling of ones sole is depicted with more real reality in this movie than all reality shows on TV today. I wanted to post this as a blog because I…
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The summary of my rabbit hole conversation with big media company and how they see digital vs linear


Them: Linear does not easily show ROI, we are slaves to Neilson and the data isn’t even accurate. – Digital has a definite ROI we can track. Me: Is getting digital traffic and market appeal your #1 focus then? Them: No, we don’t drive search and discovery towards digital nearly as much as linear Me: Why?…
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Use Case: Searching for PMF

iStock_000011940288XSmall-300x300 is great use case for focusing on the right customer, not just the right product. AND that the product doesn’t *have to* be complicated or new to be wanted. It just has to be easier to use, and packaged up better then the alternative.  

Deciding on a new feature: An Insta-Test-market. (AKA: Ghetto Testing)

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I love making a decisions tree as efficnet as possible, especial around discussion that steer the business or the product within a business. Or in another words, I HATE “tough decisions.” Here is another addition to the decision tree to make life easier, it is called “Ghetto Testing” and coined by the founder of Zenga. How do you figure out if you should go with a feature…
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“Should I add x to my product line?” litmus test

For small startups it is essential to decide what not to do as much as what you decide *to* do. As new technologies come and go, ideas for change could cripple a companies productivity or ability to reach any single objective (AKA Distractions.) If your objective is to build an awesome product, and work hard at solving a problem that…
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