What a company manifesto means to me and what I would expect it to accomplish

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A Manifesto reveals the strengths and values within a company, and does so in a way that decreases the number of complex decision making hurdles for its employees in the day-to-day. The manifesto will be “the bible” (though only a page) of reasons that lead a team without a need for individual leaders to be present, and can help create the next generation…
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Efficiently Inefficient: Processes that can improve quality and quantity of life


For our latest project at Socialize Isaac and I are going to increase the release cycle even further and go from a few releases per group per week, to a few releases per day. I find moving more efficiently and quickly over the years always takes a few non-intuitive jarring mental steps. (If they didn’t…
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Deciding on a new feature: An Insta-Test-market. (AKA: Ghetto Testing)

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I love making a decisions tree as efficnet as possible, especial around discussion that steer the business or the product within a business. Or in another words, I HATE “tough decisions.” Here is another addition to the decision tree to make life easier, it is called “Ghetto Testing” and coined by the founder of Zenga. How do you figure out if you should go with a feature…
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“Should I add x to my product line?” litmus test

For small startups it is essential to decide what not to do as much as what you decide *to* do. As new technologies come and go, ideas for change could cripple a companies productivity or ability to reach any single objective (AKA Distractions.) If your objective is to build an awesome product, and work hard at solving a problem that…
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Short Cycle Scrum: A leaner, meaner, scrum.


Here is a summary of how we implemented a leaner, more efficient Scrum at Socialize coined Short-Cycle-Scrum. We have added some rules of thumb, and processes around ou Scrum to deliver stories with a surprisingly good amount of efficiency. This is a style we have specially tuned for short sprints (usually one week.) Short Sprints Cycles Sprint…
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My greatest life lessons from Computer Science

I really appreciate  my education in Computer Science. The most valuable mental shift I gained was the understanding that there are no “hard problems.” To recognize that even extremely difficult problems were easily solved once you were able to deconstruct them into smaller more simple ones. Problem-solving is about figuring out how to simplify, dismantle, and…
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