Jackie and I will be taking a trip around the world in 2015 and based on feedback from friends we’ll be tracking the trips here on this page! We’ll post maps, updates, pictures and destinations; if you want to join us on a stop just check in!  You can also follow our updates by following me on Twitter.

Things We Will Do On This Trip

1. Volunteer: We’ll be pursuing a mixture of the things we love (in addition to one another.) We plan to volunteer a few weeks between each trip offering help to local communities such as working with kids, farms, and/or employing Jackie’s nursing experience and my entrepreneurial experience where we can. If you have suggestions let us know 🙂

2. Work With Startups: There are many “startup hubs” around the world starting, growing and blowing up. While on this journey I’ll be looking for ways to get involved, help grow/create them, and contribute to the ecosystem in any way I can. I’m excited to see how different each city has developed their mix of cultures, perspective, and goals that are sure to be even more diverse than ours in the states.

3. Explore: Our love for travel and adventure will be a major driver for this trip. We have many places we’ve always wanted to see and activities we are excited to try. If you have an activities or adventures that are a must we’d love to hear your ideas! One thing we are thinking of trying is hiking every mountain we visit, or snorkeling in every ocean 🙂

4. Find A Home Base: We are not only looking forward to traveling in all these amazing countries, but we are interested in making one of them our home for a while. At the very least an HQ to call home between each trip. That being said if we find an environment we can add long-term value to and a community we like – we may stay! I’ve always wanted to live overseas, and I hope we can find a place that fits us nicely!

5. Extend The Trip: From now and throughout the trip I’ll be working on projects that can hopefully generate passive income to extend the trip as long as possible. I am further inspired by what this entrepreneur calls a “digital nomad”. I’m looking forward to getting back to basics and building small focused products, finding a niche, and supplying  a demand without “searching for the next big thing.”

Below are some maps on where we think we will go. From what I’ve heard, planning a long trip like this is illusion to ones self; eality hits quickly when you finally jump in. Most critically #5 will determine how long this adventure will end up lasting. Making the dollar stretch for two will be an adventure of its own, but since we get so many questions on where we’ll be you can use the maps below to stay updated as we “learn” and “do.” Feel free to follow them by clicking the respective links.

South East Asia Part 1

Central/South America



Europe/Middle East

Just get up and travel the world already!

Chris Guillebeau, blogger for chrisguillebeau.com, confronts those asked why they don’t just quit their job and travel around the world. It’s blunt, frank and fun. Sure it may sound crazy, but maybe – just maybe – it isn’t. I sure hope one day I have the balls or tenacity to just get up and go!

Here are some rebutels he addresses:

“I don’t have money to travel.”
“The rest of the world is dangerous.”
“I like staying at home.”
I’ll do this kind of stuff when I retire (or at some other distant point in the future).

And some question you may have to ask yourself:

1) Am I satisfied with my work? Does it meet my needs and fulfill my desires?
2) Think back to the times you have left your home country. What did you learn on those trips? Do you think you have more to learn?
3) If you could go anywhere in the world, where would that be? (Don’t think about reasons why you can’t go there.)
4) What are your financial priorities?

You can read the full break down here: