I didnt even know those tree’s were there

Wouldn’t it be nice to go for a bike ride through a national arboretum?
It would be great for a beautiful day like today. How far do I have
to travel you ask….that’s the crazy part, it’s IN the city and only
a min. or two from the PointAbout office?!!

Check out the street level view on google maps to see the trail as if
you were there. Its late fall in the picks so not as floral:

Some nice pics of the park in season:

One thought on “I didnt even know those tree’s were there”

  1. So here are some tips now that I have finnaly made it out.
    *The south side entrance is closed. Come in through R street.
    * If you bike there checkout a topographical map first as there were far more hills on the route to get there the our route back.
    *bring a bike chain the bonsai tree exhibit is walking only

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