Twitter, Iran and Coconuts

I have always know that twitter, facebook, etc had a great purpose when the became popular not only becuase of the fact taht anything used by millions has value but also becuase of the fact that time and distance between pople has always been the mission of man to shrink.

start with farms, townes, cities and communication was stories, books, printing press, phone, radio, tv, internet, facebook, twitter

we can do allot but one thing we cant do is travel and communicate instanlty phyiscally. the lose we get the mroe productive we are. yes you want prvace but we are community anumas and we started in loin clothes and and caves.

so as we branched out it was only a matter of time befor our natural born tednecies to connect reined supreme. Twitter whihc seeme dlike a useless amount of noice has again and again shown its worth when man needed to connect in the now with his fellow man on a public forum.

twitter is not rss you dont read people by people but by message. its a realtime conversation with everyone. its like comments section on a blog bu for your life and people you know….or its like a highschool cafeteria. information is linear and for the masses

so in war we buil dmage machines that cost millions in times of peace it seems rediculus and people compain but when war break out those that invested in defense well win out. Its the same with soicl networls. being tha we are creatues of comunication building out better ways to commuicate is always a smart idea even if there is no apperent value or even if millions follow but no oney is exchanged. take iran conflict a great example of the fact that a live converstaion ike ubiquitous commet board allowed a nation gagged to communicate with the outside world almost to the mandate of the giverment

ear to the ground. search for developer info but google didnt know yet. twitter was on because its the egnostc comment board

its also amazing how many subject are hot in the twitter feed that is on my mind. we ll know marketing works well but to see people chat about things im talking to my friends about without twitter knowing diectly is amazng. its telepathy for the masses, except better because you cant redy everything……matter fact maybe one day somone will figure out telepath and people will cry “where is my private space” which i think we would all at this time agree its invasive — ironically by then twitter type fodums will be passe, usefull and not thought of as an invasive technology anylonger, just like we have embrassed the internet as a whole, or the printing press.

Twittering Rescues MythBuster from Outrageous Phone Bill,

its better then spam email, you follow what you want to hear and its not up to the ditributer to get you data its up toyou to want to receive it forma  trusted channel

So getting content out ral time is huge just look at yammer who….

thing of projct where clienst are always in the loop as you want them to be and theycan search for tasks and chat, when theproject is done the twitter correlation ends

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