Don’t even reply

Isaac and Ryan turned me on to this guys blog. Basically he replies to other peoples posts and ads with some off the wall questions and comments. I didnt think it would be that good and ofcourse the premis is jouvinile at best, but some of them gave me a pretty good luagh. Check it out at  Here is a tip: I read some outloud to my Mom, which made it 10 times funnier!

Here is a bit of one of the exchanges on this guys blog:

Original ad:
Wanted: ride from philly to rehoboth beach

i am trying to leave any time next friday. i will pay for gas, and provide conversation.i am bringing a large duffel bag and a cat.

From Mike Partlow to ***********@*********.org


I have to go to court in Rehoboth next Friday, so I would be able to give you a ride. I just want to know, you’re female, right?


From chris ******** to Me

i am male. what time did you want to leave?

From Mike Partlow to chris *********


I’m sorry, I thought you were female because you said you owned a cat. Sorry, but I don’t want to give you a ride. Two dudes in a car, going to Rehoboth, it just seems a little gay. Better luck next time.


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