The Night


Nights are so offputting at times. The complete lack of sound and motion. You are left to you own thoughts and there ar not very many ways to allow your mind to decerne what is real from what is abstract and what is soley ones own conciousness.  I’m not talking about holucinating or a type of day dreaming, although I could see how easy it would be to fall into a state of delusion, but im talking about basic thoughts of life, self, interests, problems etc. The mind begins to swirl and there is no rock or benchmark to bind your mind to as it begins to float away from its dock. When there is no comunity or bustle around you to remind you that the sun will indeed come up, peopel must obay the law of gravity and you are not alone, then your world all resides within your own mind and the mind has no bounds.  Your empty and dark surrounding becomes the perfect home for you mind to extend into, the world becomes an extension of your conciousness and it becomes less and less clear as to what is in and what is outside your thoughts.

Are the problems of the day as major as they seem? Why after I fall asleep and awake to the morning sun does the intensity of my thoughts or thier urgency fade?  Maybe the night provides the perfect backdrop for the mind to begin to set itself free and take ove rthe conciousness and drive it into the sureal. Its dark, quite, and no one is around to challange its attempst to break free.  Right now time seems endless and my worries are loose ended and indefinite, however logically I know that tomorrow all will be back to normal and all i need is some sleep.

It is amazing how difficult it is for my day-self to completly understand the emotions of my night-self  is experiencing and vice versa. A sacry movie in the woods at 2 am is not the same at 2 PM but it is the same woods and I am the same person. Who needs drugs to escape reality when reality is so volitale already between night and day. A man jumps off of the top of the building and commits suicide at night, if he only waited till day break would he be far from those thoughts only hours into the morning? More importantly how much of what we think is fact is nothing more then a delusion, our hatred for another country or race? Do we at times of fear and pain fall into our own versions of these dark and lonley nights, where our minds ever  so subtly break away from our cast to reality? Only 2 years ago Iran was full of  anti- democratic people, stocks had no celining, houses were an easy ticket to personal welth and so on. Did day just finnaly break? How often are our minds pulled from reality becuase of the darkness of rehtoric, and media.  If I didnt remind myself of the day on a night like this I would surely be lost. Leason learned Descartes, leson learned.

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