Aphorisisms & the Hesitant, Timid Writer

I have always loved Nietzsche’s writings, but not until I started this Blog did I truly recognize the complexity of his work; to convey philosophy through aphorisms. It is, for some reason, so easy to talk about an idea out loud with passion and to do it while another person is right there sitting with you provoking you to push the story forward. Maybe it is easier because you are able to wiggle through the holes in the statements you make or because you are less critical of yourself when you know your mistakes will be lost in time and not in black and white to later be scrutinized by a passerby — the cost is that any of your good substance will be lost in the shuffle.

I am struggling with becoming any level of what can be called a writer and my greatest hurdle is talking through a written medium. Not burdening myself with the need to explain every point that comes up that has some relevant story behind it or to be too verbose, to somehow incorporate my passions and stream of conscious into written form, to have an open dialog within the writing (maybe add a character to debate with) and to not be so critical of posting anything no matter how dumb it may feel.

This I suppose is the next chapter to my first Blog post “My First Blog & the Dreaded Blank Page” and hopefully this broadcast admittance to my fears, hurdles, and lack of skill will once again be an evolution in writing for me.

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