An ethical rule of thumb

History has a way of repeating itself. I try to keep myself objective about todays events and ethics, so I am able to rise above the norm and into the right.

Apply what you believe in today: how your perceive morality, ethics and kindness, and apply it to the past, 200, 100 and 50 years. Would you be in what history has decided was good or evil? In what we now see as right or wrong? That should tell you how the future will look back at you, and help guide your perspective on how you see the world today, allowing for some objectivity. This extra step in your thought process while making descisions about morality and ethics in today’s current events, could help prevent you from becoming the great grandfather or grandmother no one wants to talk about in public.

There is one extra step to make this ability to predict how the world will view your stance on current issues in 100 years+. you have to recognize the general terms in which a situation is defined. For instance, racism is not a question of race, but about human equality, poverty is as much about greed and sharing than it is about finance, science is a question about asking questions and challenging systems as much as it’s about what is “proven”, and culture is more about fear of the unknown than it is about what you beleive is right or acceptable.

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