Screw watching 3D Screens, actually grab 3D objects!

Microsoft is doing some cool stuff with interactive vertual 3d. No cords, or gloves, or glasses required. They are working on holograms, and not just for looking at. These holograms are able to be controlled by “touch” and simulate true interaction with virtual objects with the help of a real time physics engine. In short, it is starting to look pretty cool. If this technology continues to advance designers will be able to virtually interact with the models they create before they start need to develop any molds. At the end of the video they demo a mobile device that a user is able to pick up, interact with it, and all within a completely virtual holographic environment.

Curious to see how it’s done? At min 1:02 they show how the system recognizes real objects, such as hands, paper, or bowls, and displays how they interact with the virtual objects onto a clear glass plate. This plus the users line of site create the illusion of true interaction with the virtual objects.

I can’t wait for these technologies to find their way into meetings, to help team of engineers quickly to get on the same page by passing a prototype, modeled only moments ago, at a round table, as they literally pass the object from one person to the next.

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