My first iMovie: Demoing a product

Here is a vid of the Android demo. It is my first iMovie project so it’s a bit rough around the edges, ut to be honest it was kind of fun to do.
I’m looking forward to making the iOS one, or for any feature for that matter, and taking what i’ve learned to improve.
Some tips, lessons learned that I wish I did.:
– Take you finger away from the shot after every action, it makes it way easier to cut up
– Shoot it side ways so the stage is not taller than wide
– tape the phone down and mount your camera so it doesnt move throught the shot. again, better cutting chances.
make a short movie first and play with all the transitions, and effects and themes. Cut up your movie and add each clip to the stage and add some text and transitions again. Then add some music. I would have saved allot of time on the final if I had known what I know afte the final was made, but by te end of the real movie i was to tired to go back and start over.

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