The summary of my rabbit hole conversation with big media company and how they see digital vs linear

Them: Linear does not easily show ROI, we are slaves to Neilson and the data isn’t even accurate. – Digital has a definite ROI we can track.

Me: Is getting digital traffic and market appeal your #1 focus then?

Them: No, we don’t drive search and discovery towards digital nearly as much as linear

Me: Why?

Them: Because digital doesn’t make good money

Me: Why?

Them: Digital doesn’t get good value on ads or have enough ad fill compared to linear so there is less money

Me: Why not?

Them: becuase advertiser don’t spend there money on digital

Me: Why not?

Them: because there isn’t enough traffic going there with the right type of viewers?

Me: Do you know why there is a difference in veiwer types or know exactly what types of veiwers are on each?

Them: No.

Me: Do you try to drive the users you do like or want to digital?

Them: No.

Me: Why not?

Them: because there isn’t money there

Me: Is there ad roll in streaming video on digital?

Them: Yes

Me: Can you track ROI and metric/conversions easily in digital?

Them: Yes

Me: What is the retention on digital for vistors to streaming and non streaming video?

Them: Very high

Me: Why don’t you push people toward digital that you have ROI metrics on that you can push?

Them: Becuase there isn’t as much money in digital…

—Start over from top

Funny thing is as I looked at them like they are on crazy pills, they looked at me the same way. I think the next big media company will be one with less to lose so they can open their eyes at taking the necessary risks needed to evolve into the new market. Maybe Yahoo studios?

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