How soon before our worlds population limit is reached?

I was watching Doomsday Preppers and one of the segments was on a prepper preparing for over population. As my typical curiosity provokes, I looked up some world growth population stats to see what we are dealing with. I figured I might as share some things I found.


Fertility RateInterestingly, as the life expectancy of the world has increased the fertility rate has decreased. This graph is pretty neat, press play and watch the changes by country over time.

Population Growth:World population growth is linear at about 1 Billion per decade.
Population Growth Rate:The world population growth rate is shinking.

As for the worlds population limit, it turns out to be harder to find. Variables such as technology, and how the environment could change as the population grows makes it difficult to nail down. I seems that a average expectation is 50 Billion, but I have seen estimates to be over 100 Billion as well.

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