OpenCO 2013 – Why we love SF, how we work, and our world of content in 2023

OpenCo is the city’s answer to the question: “What makes San Francisco – San Francisco?” Instead of trying to explain the nuances to the culture here the founders of OpenCo decided the best way to describe it is by opening the doors to as many offices as possible within and allow people to come in and see for themselves. At OpenCo attendees sign up for a free pass to any of the over 100 SF offices, from theater troops, to restaurants, to tech startups and more. During the event attendees tour around the city walking into offices to check out their space and take part in an interactive presentation about what that company is doing to try to make an impact on the world. It’s not a lecture, nor a sales pitch, nor is it focused on recruiting, but instead it is a presentation that takes a look into what a company is thinking and how they work. Now expanding into NY, London, and Detroit, the OpenCo movement will be an exciting one for those interested in peeking into to the companies that make a city tick.

This year ShareThis was proud to be invited to host the second annual OpenCo event and we were excited to open their doors to their San Francisco office. There Sean Shadmand talked about the difficulties companies in the industry of social/tech are faced with and how they plan on innovating in the years to come. Check out a video of the presentation and slide decks below.

Video on Vimeo

Slides recorded by Penxy

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