iOS 8 Features: Download the Beta and Get a Sneak Peek

If you can’t wait till this fall to download the final iOS 8 version to your phone checkout this pages easy to follow information on installing the beta (now at version 5) release.

If you are a bit weary but still curious on what’s coming here are a few sneak peak looks on features being released:

In an attempt to decrease the “easter egg”-ness that is iOS feature a helpful tips app will come pre-installed giving you information weekly on what features exist that you can take advantage of in the new OS.

Voice activated Siri so you don’t need your hands to get beamed up to the mothership, – or boil the perfect egg:


Countdown timer for your camera. Take selfies to the next level without needing a fantastic-four-like elastic arm.


Quicker access to your contacts by double-clicking your home button:

 There is also the ability to set up a Family sharing plan for your iCloud images – but I don’t know if I will be turning it on just yet as it is unclear just how it will work and how everyone in the group will be charged for the service. Still playing 🙂

Oh and I am sure everyone is aware of the new health features in the app. A bit on the interface and how it will work: You basically give access (much like notifications) to different apps so they can pull information you (or other apps) set such as age, steps, calories like so:


I’ll let you know if more cool things pop up 🙂

Like this new interface for attaching photos to SMS


It turns out that this has been around since iOS 7 but just happened to find it now… You can flick up
To three apps closed in the background at the same time.

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