A mind filled with blinding light is a mind too distracted to exercise its potential

I think life’s choices is a lot like  a room full of candles. So many candles that the light they produce is blinding. Walking into the room is the equivalent of living with a questions about what your purpose is. Now, imagine there is one candle in the room that holds the answer. How do you find it being that you are blinded by all the other options/choices/decisions you must make.

A common method, other than giving up entirely,  is the equivalent of grasping in the air – hoping to find the right candle (aka answer) you are looking for. That strategy can get frustrating, it is a game of chance and out of your control after all.

I suggest a practice of blowing out the candles, one-by-one, to reveal the answer that best suites you. Take a chance here, try and play out a curiosity there, or maybe take a shot and following a dream so you can put a burning curiosity to rest. Eventually you will dim the room just enough for you to more clearly see the candle with the answer that is right for you .

options can make for distractions, and eat up a great deal of your brain power on wonder “what if” or “should I” or “could I”. Answer the question, dim the room, find the light meant for you.


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