Sean now lives and works in Menlo Park and enjoys advising startups in interesting spaces. In his free time he can’t resists developing interesting products of his own, and continuing his love of art, music, traveling, and spending time with family and friends. You can read more about his travels, or his creations here.

His first entrepreneurial project was Familyoven.com. Built in 2007, it was the first social networking based website for recipes. Using advanced searching techniques, it allowed users to pick a few items in their fridge and return the best recipes for them. FamilyOven grew to over a half million users in its first 6-months, and 4-years later, sold it to GroupRecipes.

In 2008, with the advent of the iPhone, Sean entered the mobile industry. He co-founded PointAbout, Inc., a mobile consulting firm based in Washington, D.C. Specializing in iPhone and Android based development. PointAbout flourished as a major mobile brand on the east coast and cultivated relationships with industry leaders such as Disney, Newsweek and the United States Army. He sold PointAbout in early 2011.

Sean was also the visionary behind AppMakr which launched in 2010, which disrupted the mobile app market with the first fully automated, no-code required, platform for creating fully native applications. AppMakr was responsible for creating over 1% of all apps in the AppStore between 2010 and 2012.

To improve the inherent engagement problems plaguing app publishers at the time, Sean launched Socialize as a spin out of AppMakr. A social SDK for mobile apps Socialize reached over 200M users worldwide. Socialize was acquired by ShareThis in March 2013 where Sean helped create new products and teams for its consumer and publisher division.

Sean often shares his expertise through interviews, as part of panels or by giving lectures on subjects on the future of technology. He has appeared on Bloomberg TV as a guest expert and was also featured in The Washington Post, Wired, ABC News, Entrepreneur Magazine, FastCompany and TechCrunch.

He has also created a children’s book called Erec Makes a Fire to help teach the entrepreneurial spirit to children. You can purchase Erec Makes a Fire on Amazon, or like the book’s page on Facebook

You can also find Sean on StackOverflowMediumTwitterGithub, and LinkedIn.

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