The social graph has once again been pushed onto corp. America.  It’s the ubiquitous comment board that allows the motive of  “I want to tell people, but not specifically anyone in particular or for any particular reason”  model. In this case someone is trying to put a cage around this monstrous beast so we can freely share what on our mind within a small community, such as your office.

After playing with yammer a bit I must say the sign up process is pretty neat. They make it work centric so that as you invite people you begin mapping out your corporate hierarchy. i.e. invite Jon who is my employee and Deborah who is my boss.

Another features I have already found some use for is the in-company hashtags like #sick or #launch w/ announcements, so as not clutter your inbox but still keep you informed and within a timeline.

yammerfox is cool also a cool add-on feature. It puts a FireFox plugin into your browser so you don’t have to be on the site to see what’s up.  They have picked out a nice little space between IM, twitter and email in a business setting.

I look forward to seeing what else yammer can do for the company and I’m curious to see if it seems cooler then it ends up being useful…..

Preface – My First Blog & The Dreaded Blank Page

I have been wanting to start a Blog for sometime now, as it is the thing to do  for any entrepreneur these days.  Although most wouldn’t argue that I have allot to say and love to share my take on the philosophy of life, business, technology and more I have found it extremely difficult to translate those passions onto the ‘digital journal’ scene.

They say a blank page is one of the greatest barriers to overcome when starting a paper, so I decided to post this post about why I’m starting to post and why I haven’ t as of yet as the ‘blank page killer’.

Another big mental barrier for me has been my disdain for the speed limiting need for perfect grammar, spelling and my fear of public ridicule and my comfort in Anonymity.  Writing on a public forum is like walking in public in just my boxers and a big sign with my name attached to my chest, but F*$K it right?