Preface – My First Blog & The Dreaded Blank Page

I have been wanting to start a Blog for sometime now, as it is the thing to do  for any entrepreneur these days.  Although most wouldn’t argue that I have allot to say and love to share my take on the philosophy of life, business, technology and more I have found it extremely difficult to translate those passions onto the ‘digital journal’ scene.

They say a blank page is one of the greatest barriers to overcome when starting a paper, so I decided to post this post about why I’m starting to post and why I haven’ t as of yet as the ‘blank page killer’.

Another big mental barrier for me has been my disdain for the speed limiting need for perfect grammar, spelling and my fear of public ridicule and my comfort in Anonymity.  Writing on a public forum is like walking in public in just my boxers and a big sign with my name attached to my chest, but F*$K it right?

Twitter, Facebook, and Blogging – oh my!

Here is a simple breakdown of some popular communication-based internet technologies, in plain English. Hopefully, it will help give readers a better understanding of the basic abilities, purposes, and differences these tools provide.

For each technology, I attached an “In Plain English” video to help explain the usage of the technology. In Plain English became popular in 2008 for their extremely basic no frills explanation of – things. So click on the link for each technology to get a quick breakdown.



Facebook and social networking







My capitol hill innauguration

Street Party
Street Party

It was truly amazing. I Was 2 blocks from the center of our nations capitol, the epicenter for our government, in a bar filled with a crowd cheering for their newly elected half black, half white, young, intelligent president who has promised there will be a “we”, and “we” will bring change.

I actually saw a man cry, I mean a grown ass man balling uncontrollably because the party he and his wife dedicated so much time to beat the odds and churned out a victory.
Most of the bar was filled with young politicians such as this. Those who came to drink after working in the senate and house office buildings down the street. It was like being in a bar in the heart of Boston during a World Series game. Imagine an environment were everyone in that bar has lived and worked directly on this election day-in and day-out. So much of their time was riding on this night.

Obama then gave a fantastically moving acceptance speech. I can get passionate about politics from time to time, but moved?! I have to admit I truly felt like I was part of something big! I was moved the most when listening to him describe the life of Ann Nixon, a centurion that has had the fortunate misfortune of living through so much change. Today she had so much of her history culminate to this single event today as she casted her vote. She has lived through so many ups and downs in our nation’s history. It painted an amazing picture of how the “yes we can” is more then a statement but that anything IS truly possible, for there is a “yes we have” already proven in our past.

As he spoke the crowd predominately between the ages of 21 and 35, who were unruly and boisterous and yes a little drunk only moments ago, fell completely silent and hung on every word of this historical speech.

Change was definitely in the air. I got text message from friends like “It is time for us to rise up and make a difference, sleep well friends”. I mean these messages were coming from folks that only two weeks ago vomited on my shoes at a club! It’s like every one around me stepped up there political and social game and decided to be more involved and take more responsibility for the welfare of our nation and the change machine.

After the speech I walked outside and the environment was even more amazing then expected. I heard horns blaring, cars overflowing with people hanging out their windows screaming “Barack, Barack, Barack!” The streets were flooded with people cheering, laughing, hugging and celebrating. Even more inspiring was that the crowd involved in this victory dance was truly and unquestionably composed of all races and classes; they were all celebrating together!

It all goes to show that one mans blind confidence in the ability of a nations people can be easily contagious and with that spread and acceptance of those ideals they become more and more possible. Ideals may be at times lofty, but as Gandhi said, “sometimes one man can make a difference”. It only takes one man to provoke change and from what I saw tonight change is on the way.