Thesis: AppMakr

So this is pretty cool. Your head is in the grinder day and night, in and out. Is it worth it? Does anyone care? And then you stumble upon some guy at Oxford writing a thesis about us. It’s small in some ways, but big in others. I mean someone we don’t know found out about us and was interested enough to write a thesis. I am not sure why, but it was a nice morning pick-me-up none the less.

AppMakr Hits the Ground Running has gotten some good press today 🙂

“What AppMakr lacks in vowels they make up for in coolness. ”

“Surprisingly, AppMakr was extremely well done and easy to use.”

“AppMakr service is a no-brainer for most small companies and nonprofits.”

“Top 25 Startups of 2010”

Guy Kawasaki
“I can now offer custom iPhone apps for each of the 800 Alltop topics. How cool is that?”