Visiting Petra in three videos

Drive to Petra

Our drive from Amman Airport to the town of Petra

Petra I

Our hike from the entrance of Petra, passed the Treasury and to the Nabatean Theatre

Petra II

Up the cliff staircase, with some amazing views of the valley, and to the Monastery

Our drive through Chianti

Chianti is not an area you want to get lost in. Don’t get me wrong, the views are spectacular and the drive is like a long stroll through a museum of italian art, but when you take a wrong turn things go very bad, very gradually; an ugly combination.

We drove our little two door up many daringly narrow, gravel-paved roads before deciding to turn around. Nevertheless the mistakes turned out to make some fun memory (since we made it out unscathed) and the stops on the side of the road to take it all in made it totally worth it.

Our drive through and tastes of Tuscany, Italy

Of all the spots in the world we are marking as “must return here”, Tuscany is at the top. Sure, there are some things to be careful of while driving through Italy, but the long up-hill climbs to view the valleys from the entryways of medieval walled towns makes it so very worth it. Tuscany is the part of Italy you dream of when you imagine what a trip here would be like. So many other parts of Italy are too large or too touristy, but a great deal of Tuscany is made up of open roads and quaint towns.

Oh yeah, and the food! To be frank, the average Italian meal was only so-so, but the best meals we’ve had on the entire trip (and ones that were also modestly priced) were here in Tuscany.

The Shoe Fence of Hawke’s Bay

As we were driving through New Zealand to Napier we passed by a fence strewn with old shoes and boots. The beautiful country back drop and its old fence had something oddly magical to it. We pulled over and took a few shots and hurried back into the car.


After doing a bit of research later on, it turns out there are many fences filled with shoes, and even bras in New Zealand. The fence of bras turned into a tourist attraction at one point and was deemed a driving hazard by the government (probably because people like me would block the road to take a picture) and required it be taken down. Maybe the shoes are a way to stick it back to the man, or just drum up more tourists. Either way I’m glad we caught a picture – but I woudn’t go out of my way to see it 😉