Are you seeing things? Instant super-imposed 3d objects on 2d pictures

See that picture to the left. It is a picture taken of a room with a billards table, can you tell what part of the picture is fake? We have all hard of super imposed by now (even the talking goat from Adam Sandler’s comedy cd in the 90s is now aware of the power of superimposing.) What makes this a breakthrough is that fact that the 3d objects (by the way, the balls on the table are the fake objects) were super imposed onto a flat, 2D picture. Even more interesting is that fact that those 3D objects can interact with the 2D objects in the picture, as if they were 3D them selves. Check the demo by Kevin Karsch (below) where you can see what I mean. Basically, you can take picture of a hall with stairs, and later add a 3D virtual ball to the picture, and in seconds watch the 3D ball bounce its way down the stairs case. Pretty B.A.

Pie for mass consumption

Advanced Pie
Advanced Pie

Yet another great Google API for the masses, on the fly charts. You can simply use a URL and set of parameters to describe your chart and the output is an image file.  So, use the url in your blog post or place it in your href tage and get a great looking chart in a snap.

Down side, there arent as many options as I would like through the API URL; I cant show perentages on te pie chart. Put they look great, they are easy to use and you can update them on te fly simply by changing the URL.

Check out more information on this cool little feature at

or try one of these examples:  Pie Chart, Bar Chart, and even a QR Code.