Product Review: Duolingo a free language learning app

Duolingo_logoBased out of Pittsburg Pennsylvania this app was created by the founder of reCaptcha and has taken a truly new approach to learning foreign languages.  For one,  as compared to other tools like Rosetta Stone that costs its customers hundreds of dollars per language, Duolingo is free to use!

Beyond just being free, the app has done an excellent job in gamifying the language learning process with daily challenges, points, and levels. One simple feature that caught my eye was they option to “test out” of individual levels avoiding the need to review an entire section you may know. I’ve been using it for the last three days and have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Here are some screenshots of gameplay:


There is a second mission to Duolingo’s story that makes the app even more unique. In the backend, while you are using the app to learn a language, their algorithms are simultaneously using your answers to help improve translations for websites and other documents!

If you are interested in picking up another language Duolingo leaves you with few excuses not to start today. Adios y gracias!