I got rhythm. I got music. Who could ask for anything more?

Oliver Sacks
Oliver Sacks

Musical Minds on PBS

Just saw Musical Minds on PBS, pretty interesting stuff. The only problem I had with it was that it was to breif..


Musical Minds examined the inate symbiotic relationship man has with music, more specifically in this peice was the extraemem cases of this relationships. The film is broken up into 4 stories the first about a man having no music bone in his body who was struck by lighting and is now a composer and pinists playing to sell out crowds, the next is an amazing story of a blind autistic boy who began playing piano at 2 and now has the ability to

Derek Paravicini
Derek Paravicini

process music he hears in microseconds and then can play them back, a young man with a bad case of tarets who’s tcks are completly subdoed when playing the drums and finnaly a case of a woman who has amusia which is like color blindness for music, rythm, or melody. Cool show based on the works of Oliver Sacks, who is the man behind the movie awakenings and many of famous books on oddities of extremes of human mental limits such as the man who thought is wife was a hate. This is a fun movie that expores ow deep the connection between man and music go and as oliver pits it, Rythm is the only thng that can not be taken from the core of a man.

Do you or a friend have amusia? Take the test here to find out!: http://www.delosis.com/listening/measure1.html

( I am proud to say I scored 29/30 on both tests )

Catch some peices from the show here:


One thought on “I got rhythm. I got music. Who could ask for anything more?”

  1. Question for Sack’s or those in the industry:
    Are there any musical savants studied that are deaf, like Beethoven, and if so do their minds stimulate from reading scores the same way one does when playing/hearing them.

    Further more is there anyway to understand how the internal sound of the mind differs between a deaf and non deaf individual?

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