TuneTime: This Game App Takes Music Trivia to the Next Level

Now that I’ve learned how to natively develop for iOS, I’m starting to have some fun with it! In this case I’ve built a piano based music trivia game.


How it Works:
Each team attempts to play a secret song on the provided keyboard (via a simple play-by-numbers music score). The player gets no indication towards the timing or rhythm of the song, just the notes. The team must figure out what the name of the song is before the 30 second timer runs out.





  1. First time use of app user is very confused as to what to do next. Usually they click solo first, and skip over instructions.
    1. Potential Solutions: A intro screen and walk through of the game would be helpful. Though that could be skipped too. So offering an “easy” version of the game that grows in complexity over time may be more helpful. e.g. less keys, keys to play light up etc
    2. Note: Users wanted to keep the keyboard as the point of interaction.
  2. Even when the instruction are read there is a lot of confusion on how the workflow of the game works. This was expected as Jackie and I even got confused playing it ourselves. Just didn’t have ideas yet.
    1. Potential Solutions: One user used the game in a way that gave me an idea. Before I thought the lack of providing a rhythm would make the game fun, ergot I set it up so the player didn’t know the song name before playing (this add to a very complex workflow).
      This user wanted to know the song name they played ahead of time and seemed to have a lot more fun trying to communicate the song name through the keyboard, to the other players. This workflow would be MUCH easier to present and understand. I’m just not sure if it would be too easy. Maybe there are other ways to add complexity over time (per #1)
  3. People who have never played the piano have no idea what “#” means. Though I suspected it wouldn’t matter since all the keys are labeled, it was to much information to digest on a first time use.
    1. Potential Solutions: per #1. A “how to use the kayboard and music sheet” before presenting the keyboard would help. As well as lighting up the keyboard for first time game use.
  4. Keyboard was a bit too small
    1. Potential Solutions: Not sure how I can have many song with few keys. The original keyboard had bigger keys but couldnt get much out of it. This could again play into harder level, more songs and smaller keyboard.
  5. When the game got going people had some laughs and fun, so the potential is there, just needs a much smoother and well informed experience.

A farewell to B.B. King

Picture printed on the shirt from the concert
Picture printed on the shirt from the concert

So sad to hear B.B King is gone today. I remember going to a concert with him and (the then teen sensation) Johnny Lang. I even have a shirt from the concert in a drawer at my parents house with this picture printed on it.

I remember Johnny Lang being technically phenomenal (regardless of his age.) He had strong vocals, charisma on stage, and sick solos. After finishing one of his 100+ note solos he looked over to B.B. King to carry the tune. B.B. closed his eyes, shook his head slowly (you could see he felt the music take over his body) and raised his guitar to play. Only one note came out of his guitar when he strummed, but it hit me right in the chest! It was one note against a hundred, but the wisdom and emotion was completely undiluted and intense. I’ll never forget what I felt that night: the power of style.

RIP B.B King.


The middle

im in the corner
sitting is easy
thinking of the things i wanted to be
math is upon us
and lisp is he speaking
the brightes of sky but the darkest of day

tight lips do catch us
and whispeirng is easy
fooling your slef as to what yo should be
tango and dancing
the steps are the thinking
but the music has challace and cheers on thier way

trash and the heaps of it
scattered inside me
the in-dig-a-nation to inspire the fame
confidnce is weekness
and what is the measure
and chasing perfection when its perfectly sain

seek with a caution
get carried away
beutiful what nots the most desprate of things
balanced in chaos
intimite mieetings
closing the night and then opening the day

New RadioHead single


Harry Patch (In Memory of)

Thom Yorke, one of my favorite creators of melodically interesting sounds has put out a new song called Harry Patch and debuted it a few days ago.

As usual the Radiohead guys are bypassing labels and selling the song through their website and all proceeds go towards a good cause.

As for background on the song, Harry Patch was the last living UK World War 1 Veteran, he was 111 years old. Radiohead released this single in order to make sure he is not forgotten.  The song is a tribute to Harry, as well as a fundraiser for the Royal British Legion.

The Sun reported that the family was enamoured over the song, “Our family is very touched thatRadiohead has reached out to its followers and especially the younger generation through the single that echoes” and that Harry “.

Patch was buried on August 6th 2009  in Wells, Somerset, with a public service taking place in Wells Cathedral.

I got rhythm. I got music. Who could ask for anything more?

Oliver Sacks
Oliver Sacks

Musical Minds on PBS

Just saw Musical Minds on PBS, pretty interesting stuff. The only problem I had with it was that it was to breif..


Musical Minds examined the inate symbiotic relationship man has with music, more specifically in this peice was the extraemem cases of this relationships. The film is broken up into 4 stories the first about a man having no music bone in his body who was struck by lighting and is now a composer and pinists playing to sell out crowds, the next is an amazing story of a blind autistic boy who began playing piano at 2 and now has the ability to

Derek Paravicini
Derek Paravicini

process music he hears in microseconds and then can play them back, a young man with a bad case of tarets who’s tcks are completly subdoed when playing the drums and finnaly a case of a woman who has amusia which is like color blindness for music, rythm, or melody. Cool show based on the works of Oliver Sacks, who is the man behind the movie awakenings and many of famous books on oddities of extremes of human mental limits such as the man who thought is wife was a hate. This is a fun movie that expores ow deep the connection between man and music go and as oliver pits it, Rythm is the only thng that can not be taken from the core of a man.

Do you or a friend have amusia? Take the test here to find out!: http://www.delosis.com/listening/measure1.html

( I am proud to say I scored 29/30 on both tests )

Catch some peices from the show here:


Wu-hooo! New Wu-Tang Album

Chamber Music
Chamber Music

Wu-Tang, Chamber Music

Found this new album on http://newmusic4.us (Shows recently released albums and a sle of ways to get them from torrent to youtube to amazon etc….)

It’s very Wu and it’s new and thats all I could ask for. Some times I want a completly new take and some evolution form a musician sometimes I just want more of what I like….This is just more of what I like as far as I cant tell.

Through the (cable) wire

Kanye Blog Logo

I am a Kanye West music fan, and I am not afraid to admit that I can love his music. I  appreciate his message but I do so for example  the same way one appreciates the lady in the next cubicle, who annoys the hell out of you, tells your jerk of a boss off in front of everyone. It’s intensly awkward, and your jaw drops open in amazementat the audacity of the action. In the back of your mind you may think however, ”way to go, you sure did stick it to him!’ — but you would rather not associate with them moving forward.

Anyways I came across his blog not to long ago (http://www.kanyeuniversecity.com/blog/) and find that it churns out some great fasion, style, and songs. So I figured I would share the link and some of the posts with you, you can decide what to do with it for yourself.

Ryan Leslie
Ryan Leslie


Great Jam with harpsichords and a tight beat:




Cool looking interior designs:




Cool Art work:




And Interesting Videos:


Michael Jackson & Friends

Not a huge MJ fan directly but he definitly changed the game musically, and through perfrormance.

I have heard some pretty bad jokes recenlty about his death, and although I am just as cras and cold as the next guy, and although comically they were pretty funny, let’s try to show a little restraint and give the man some R.I.P respect — for at least a little while. I beleive although he was a hurt sole and seemed to be abused as a child both physically and mentally Michael had some great intentions and made quite an impact on the world in allot of positive ways. He transended all things black, white, masculine, feminine, child, adult pop icon, and recluse which inadverntently kept us all a bit more accepting or creative.

Kanye and Jackson
Kanye and Jackson

Tight beat laid down on Billie Jean track. Pretty sick.


Jay-Z and M. Jackson
Jay-Z and M. Jackson

Jay-Z’s remix of  You Rock My World by Michael Jackson.