Release Notes Generator (For Pivotal Tracker)

Here is another quick tool built on GAE. It takes all your PT stories and bugs, scrapes out chores, and release stories, leaving a listof features and bugs available to copy and paste in to your release notes, emailer, or README file.

Often departments always asking if a release is out, what features are included, and if it is not out how long until it is. This tool will also print a header letting the person using the tool know if the release in question is out, and if not how far down the pipeline it is.

To use the tool most effectively you should check out my post on releasing versions through PT. (coming soon)

Download RNG for PT

Or fork and contribute on GitHub

Wu-hooo! New Wu-Tang Album

Chamber Music
Chamber Music

Wu-Tang, Chamber Music

Found this new album on (Shows recently released albums and a sle of ways to get them from torrent to youtube to amazon etc….)

It’s very Wu and it’s new and thats all I could ask for. Some times I want a completly new take and some evolution form a musician sometimes I just want more of what I like….This is just more of what I like as far as I cant tell.