7-7 and the cure for hiccups. You will thanks me later.

There is sort of a funny story around this… My friend recently had hiccups that just wouldn’t go away. The funny thing is, this moment shot me back 20 years, reminding me of when I was in 6th grade and thought I had invented the cure for hiccups. I distinctly remember that my cure became popular when a kid who had hiccups in my school would tell them everyone to come talk to me becuase I was the man, or more like the kid, that can help get rid of them.

Fast forward a couple decades, and I am sitting in this situation with my friend. To be honest, I was actually too embarresed to tell her that “I have the cure; try this!” I thought it would sound dorky and cliche. So, doubting the legitimacy of my 6th grade nostalgic memory, I instead turned to the internet.

I found tons of hits on google, and me and my friend proceeded to try each one. From plugging her ears with her fingers, to holding her breath, to rubbing her throat with my fingers, we tried them all, and every time, after a few seconds of silence <hiccup!> – they were back.

So screw it I said, and I told her the story from my child hood, recalling my days as the defacto hiccup shaman of my 6th grade class. I swear to you, after she followed the exercise, the hiccups never returned.

With my new found blogger mentality, I went to my computer and decided to share my cure with the world. Here it is. Although simple, it is effective, and the combination and adherence to the formula is a necessity. Like the line “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times” any variation, no matter how similar, would do it unjustice.

Without further ado, here it is – the 7-7 cure for hiccups :

  1. Fill up a glass of water
  2. Breath in until you can’t breathe in anymore
  3. while your lungs are full, pretend as if you were forcing out air from your lungs but prevent doing so and do it for for 7 seconds. If done right your abs will feel tight and a slight pressure will form in your throat.
  4. (If you hiccup in the middle of this or at any time start over, it is necesary that you do not hiccup while practicing these steps, tell your mind “if I hiccup, I will do it the second i am done, but def not during the exercise.)
  5. Now, while your lungs are full and after you have completed counting the seven seconds take seven large gulps of water. While gulping the water feel the gulps massage your throat. This may cause a burp, but again if it stops you from doing the exercise,  you must start over.
  6. That’s its. Once completed wait and see if it works.


To recap:

Full your lngs with air, hold it for seven seconds and then take seven gulps of water.

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