Apple stores put their money where their mouth is

Ahhh the checkout line.

I know what I want, I found what I want in your store, AND I want to pay for it. So what do you do? You make me wait in line to give you my money! Man, that system is so archaic. Talk of “self checkout” has been around for a while, but I have seen very few instances of it in practice. Aside from the self checkout in the grocery store, that is still just a line in the end, checking out while picking up items in the store is not a part of our daily lives – yet.

So with all the rumors of our devices one day helping us checkout in our favorite stores, Apple finally made the decision to take the first step and offer self checkout on your iOS device at all Apple stores. Just download the newest version of the Apple Store App and buy til’ your hearts content, or your bank account runs dry, whichever comes first.

I have yet to use it myself, but am anxious to see how the company that is known for defining best practices around new concepts will implement their self checkout. I am also curious to see how they handle a jam packed store, with hundreds of very valuable items, mostly ranging in the $+1K range.



3 thoughts on “Apple stores put their money where their mouth is”

  1. Hey Sean! Such a coincidence that you posted this today. This evening I went to my local Apple Store and used this exact service. I needed an Airport Express and I had the latest Apple Store app loaded on my iPhone so I gave it a shot. I found the Airport Express on the shelf, launched the app on my iPhone, lined up the bar code in the cross hairs of my iPhone screen and in one second it read the info and asked me if I wanted to purchase it. I said yes….it asked for my App Store password…I entered it…and done! The receipt was instantly available to me on my iPhone. I looked over at an Apple Store employee standing close to me and asked….”is that it….can I walk out with this?” The answer was yes…..done. The entire experience….walking into the store….picking up what I wanted…launching the app….scanning it…and walking out….took two minutes max.  Very cool!

    1. Awesome Rene! Thanks for the “on the scene” report 🙂 Did they stop and check your receipt or anything, like the way Costco does it?

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