What do 1250 Horses feel like?

Well, when they are supercharged and upgraded from a turbo Lamborugini the answer is  – obviously amazing!

The experience was so cool that I felt like it was worth more than just a Facebook post to describe it all. It was nighttime so the video I got below doesn’t show much, but the sounds you hear are all 100% genuine. And I swear I got into the car trying to be as unbiased as I could be. How much of a difference could it REALLY feel like? Right? I figured it would be fun, fast, and exciting, but nothing too jarring.

Well, I immediately realized how wrong that presumption was. Almost all of my body’s senses were involved. As we pointed the car toward the straight and empty road you could feel the car tense up. It didn’t necessarily rumble like a muscle car, but you could feel the power simmering up behind you. The sound was tough to describe. It was as if all the air around us began to be sucked into the car with a “just switched the jet engines on”-esaqe sound. Actually you know what it sounded like? It sounded like the proton packs did when the Ghostbusters switched them on.

So the car tenses up, the jet engine sound spins up, and the pedal drops. Boom! I’m not sure if it was just from the overload of all my senses going off, as the jaring impact of the car lifted me from the back of my seat, as I felt the front of the car lifting of the ground, but the lights in the road started to blur. It sort of blurred like the way the movies depict the Star Trek Enterprise jumping into warp speed. You could hear the popping of the transmission, and the switching on and off of the turbo charges. It was a large thudding sound.

The funny thing was the whole experience didn’t even leave 2nd gear, and you could tell that there was so much of the car left tucked away.





Oh, and one more thing…The exhaust did this!

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