Packing and Moving!

The moving and packing process was HECTIC to say the least. Mostly because we were trying to sell or get rid of EVERYTHING we have except for one backpack each for the trip. We had so much STUFF you wouldn’t believe it, we were glad to have long distance movers dallas helping us out. Our things went into 5 piles: take on the trip, send home to mom’s house, throw away in the garbage, donate to Good Will, and try to sell (* keyword, TRY). We had a few moving sales, but not a lot of people came, and we ended up giving away a lot more items than we originally wanted to because they did not sell. Oh well, “it’s JUST STUFF” is what everyone keeps telling us, which we definitely agree! I haven’t thought twice about that World Market tv stand, or those 2 pairs of Toms shoes, or that pile of jewelry, until now while writing this. We have greater things ahead of us than furniture, shoes, and general STUFF.
(*note: the only thing I regret getting rid of was the special, flower painted wine glasses my mom gave me several years ago as a birthday present 😦 sorry, mom.)

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