Touring the Fijian town of Lautoka

After a few days in the sun we both decided to check out the nearby town of Lautoka to change things up a bit. Luckily there was a bus stop right outside our hotel entrance that took us there. The bus was right on time and we were on our way.


Note, as much as people joke about “Fiji time”, which roughly translated means “don’t expect things to be done on time”, everything we did was quite punctual.


It was a 45 minute ride that took us by a flour factory (which is probably why the pasta in Fiji was so good), a school, a few stops and small villages before we arrived at the town’s bus terminal. It was not that pleasant. The bus terminal was congested and smelled of exhaust. Bad sign? Nah, we ventured off anyhow. Block after block we were hoping we’d find a bit of the town’s heart beat, but it was pretty much dead. No interesting restaurants or places to chill out. About 20 mins into our walk we headed back to the bus terminal and grabbed the next one out.


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