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Isaac and Ryan turned me on to this guys blog. Basically he replies to other peoples posts and ads with some off the wall questions and comments. I didnt think it would be that good and ofcourse the premis is jouvinile at best, but some of them gave me a pretty good luagh. Check it out at  Here is a tip: I read some outloud to my Mom, which made it 10 times funnier!

Here is a bit of one of the exchanges on this guys blog:

Original ad:
Wanted: ride from philly to rehoboth beach

i am trying to leave any time next friday. i will pay for gas, and provide conversation.i am bringing a large duffel bag and a cat.

From Mike Partlow to ***********@*********.org


I have to go to court in Rehoboth next Friday, so I would be able to give you a ride. I just want to know, you’re female, right?


From chris ******** to Me

i am male. what time did you want to leave?

From Mike Partlow to chris *********


I’m sorry, I thought you were female because you said you owned a cat. Sorry, but I don’t want to give you a ride. Two dudes in a car, going to Rehoboth, it just seems a little gay. Better luck next time.


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Quantify my language

oDesk Search Results
oDesk Search Results

The cost to scale a web application has changed considerably and therefor the way most people decide to plan out thier development strategies has changed as well. Not every web site is an enterprise solution and getting many sites or versions of sites out to the public quickly has become the greatest focus on a fledging comapanys mind.  Because scaling is so cheap and servers are so easy to set up with clouds I often hear, ‘lets deploy first and see what people think and if it gets big we will just through some servers at the problem, and improve the code as we grow.’  For the most part I agree, in the case that a complex problem arises an RPC call to some seperate more efficient code base, server or algorithm can be used.

Dividing up a site into 3 parts is key, re-inventing the wheel tasks, already built better then we can build it widget/api tasks, lets solve a new problem tasks. For example: login, and register has been developed 100 times over as well as setting up projects and DB connection settings. Getting a users feedback or publishing your content to all the social networks has been done beautifully by many companies that now give it away for almost nothing and are great to use, unless your new great idea has a core innocation in such technolgies. Then there are the problems out there that may be partially solved, but there is still quite a bit of technique and brain power needed to tackle your unique version of the problem to complete your companies mission, like improved search of billions of peices of data or 3 degree+ of sepration colculations. The mission is use what you can that already exists if its not your CORE business to own such IP (often times people think they have 5 core’s….they don’t) and use what you can to get that core going as quickly as possible. This isnt true for all web startup’s — but it is for most.

oDesk Feedbacks
oDesk Feedbacks

I will save more on that topic for a later post. Today I simply wanted to take the problem of getting started up a level or two and look at the first part of development for non developers.  I mean I personally know what I like to develop in, and it’s always good to ask someone with more experience then you what he/she thinks, but I all to often I find people that have inadvertenntly chosen the more expensive, more timley path and in the end they have a mess, a bill, and an almost incomplete site. They are then left with finding a batch of new developers who can jump right in and take over. I see this ALLOT and it breaks my heart. Is it jus a product of bad consulting? Is there a way to help get non developers a leg up and allow them to make good desicions quinatitatilbyl without a consultant telling them biasedly which way they can go to suit there own needs.

I know that oDesk, and other internet based freelance servcie is where allot of folks turn to so I went out and got some basic datapoint to start this conversation. Below are some charts I put togther using search scripts to get results sets from oDesk (whom I think should put out more repots on this matter to help out the public).  I simply tried to query things people may be wondering and get results sets for each lanuage respectivley. I was suprised to see how flat the results were.

oDesk Search Results:

# high rated   feedback (2+ FB & 4+ stars) total   feedbacks (4+ star) most hours (2+ FB & 4+ stars) $/hr of most hours (2+ FB & 4+ stars) avg top 10 hours avg $/hr of avg top 10 most hours avg cheapst top 5 avg most exensive top 5 highest reqested rate


















































Below is a list of some languages and how many hits came up when the languages marked with an X where combined in the search. I guess what I was going for here is how many people know what combinations of languages. For example people who posted a knowlagdge of all languages was 7, and those that claim to provide services to both python and ruby were 35.






Search       Hits











Expand to show all results +

oDesk Results
oDesk Results

I will admit I dont like .net and I am not a fan of PHP as much as I used to be and although I enjoyed building in Java iterating over quick changes on the fly got really annoying having to compile and recompile my code. The pside of course is its great stability and easy to debug format. It’s just that scripted code suits my needs more these days. I put things together to push out new sites and stabiiy in the first year isnt that hard to do with server costs the way they are these days.  Python and ruby have allot of abstraction but for the first year I probably wont care, second year I will just pull hard tasks out like I explained in the first part of this email.

The data I gathered made me seriously wonder for a moment, am I just falling into the hype or is python and ruby as smooth, efficient and easy to develop sites quickly as great as it seems? I didnt jump on the ruby, python band wagon quickly. I created a few sites on it before I formed an opnion for sure.  I guess whats more important to notice here is how the hell is a non-technology/development person able is to decide on a languge to go with after talking to vendors and seeing results like these. I mean these data points love .net and php as giving off the impression that they are affordable, and popular.  I feel however that those that I know that use Ruby and Python are more innovative, fast, and love what they do more so then the others, not to mention cheaper in that they get more done more quickly. (or so it seems that way as of late) I would love to get some advice on ways to mine for data that respond with data that can statistically prove my sentiment isn’t just an opinion, a sort of freakenomics style of analysis if possible. I dont want to try to manipulate data to prove my point I just want to see if there are any true data points out there that confirm what my gut tells me.

Of course being that ruby and python are new compared to the other languages one could expect such unimpresive numbers and stats, I also think that being that they are so new to the common developer tool set it is impresive just how many people code on it already and how many plugins are available. One metric that could be usefull is expense to get started materials wise, free easy to use documentation, number of plugins, and time to start a basic project/site.

Python for instance is part of the Google standard languages, that speaks highly to me. It is supported by the Google App Engine and it has jython a frameowkr taht allows python to run in java runtime. That is mportant as well as java run time is more efficient then most things out there so you have flexability. Ruby has tons of plugins as well as python. and all scripting languages take almost no time to set up.  Also it is important to pointout that other then biz spark from MS getting a project developed is MS systems are not free to get started on from servers, to dev environments to documentation and support many MS product cost quite a bit which can get in the way of trial and error, innovation, speed to market, and keeping initial expenses down.

Please comment if you think I should account for a factor I missed or if youhave some data on your own.  If you have some crutial data points please list them and the source you were able to get it from. THe more straight data we get the more we can help people make better descisions rather then just using he told me so approach.

Here is some data about the job market in 2008. More data on jobs and how they relate to development would be helpful as well. i.e.

Twitter, Iran and Coconuts

I have always know that twitter, facebook, etc had a great purpose when the became popular not only becuase of the fact taht anything used by millions has value but also becuase of the fact that time and distance between pople has always been the mission of man to shrink.

start with farms, townes, cities and communication was stories, books, printing press, phone, radio, tv, internet, facebook, twitter

we can do allot but one thing we cant do is travel and communicate instanlty phyiscally. the lose we get the mroe productive we are. yes you want prvace but we are community anumas and we started in loin clothes and and caves.

so as we branched out it was only a matter of time befor our natural born tednecies to connect reined supreme. Twitter whihc seeme dlike a useless amount of noice has again and again shown its worth when man needed to connect in the now with his fellow man on a public forum.

twitter is not rss you dont read people by people but by message. its a realtime conversation with everyone. its like comments section on a blog bu for your life and people you know….or its like a highschool cafeteria. information is linear and for the masses

so in war we buil dmage machines that cost millions in times of peace it seems rediculus and people compain but when war break out those that invested in defense well win out. Its the same with soicl networls. being tha we are creatues of comunication building out better ways to commuicate is always a smart idea even if there is no apperent value or even if millions follow but no oney is exchanged. take iran conflict a great example of the fact that a live converstaion ike ubiquitous commet board allowed a nation gagged to communicate with the outside world almost to the mandate of the giverment

ear to the ground. search for developer info but google didnt know yet. twitter was on because its the egnostc comment board

its also amazing how many subject are hot in the twitter feed that is on my mind. we ll know marketing works well but to see people chat about things im talking to my friends about without twitter knowing diectly is amazng. its telepathy for the masses, except better because you cant redy everything……matter fact maybe one day somone will figure out telepath and people will cry “where is my private space” which i think we would all at this time agree its invasive — ironically by then twitter type fodums will be passe, usefull and not thought of as an invasive technology anylonger, just like we have embrassed the internet as a whole, or the printing press.

Twittering Rescues MythBuster from Outrageous Phone Bill,

its better then spam email, you follow what you want to hear and its not up to the ditributer to get you data its up toyou to want to receive it forma  trusted channel

So getting content out ral time is huge just look at yammer who….

thing of projct where clienst are always in the loop as you want them to be and theycan search for tasks and chat, when theproject is done the twitter correlation ends

The Bill of Nights

When night falls
When night falls

No Goals

What we are talking about here is the grasping of some greater force, call it fate or kismet, that can be harnessed if one is willing to give themselves up to natures will and allow this ‘force’ to guide them through their day. I have done my research my friends and can safely say that if you live in a city such as DC, NY, LA, SF or even Huntington Beach, CA you have an amazing story awaiting your discover right outside your door any day of the week. There is no need to plan, no need to find a buddy, no need to check the news paper for events. Nope, you and the city can work together to create an amazing night. It all lives within the faith and trust you give your cement filled provider.

Sping Stroll
Spring Stroll

Persue the unexpected

You must give in and recognize the unexpected pleasures that can only be found when walking aimlessly through a bustling city. Is it a pleasure that can only be understood while doing so. Much like Martin Buber wrote in “I and Thou”,:
it is within the moment that understanding is achieved. The moments after a moment is realized the human mind begins to analyze it, it begins to process the moment thrusting it away from the experience you’re having and into your memory, or it will begin trying anticipate what should be expected to happen next; the experience itself is short lived and is felt – not understood.

Every time you leave your house and you give your fine city a chance to express itself it will return the favor with a parade you didn’t know about, a race that wasn’t on your calendar, a must see sculpture to see thats not on your to-do’s, an unfortunate accident that will be seen on the news to your suburban counterparts only hours after you have taken it in, or a simple interaction with a new or old friend that you didn’t expect in a part of town neither of you have any good reason being in. Adventure must be your middle name and patience must be your side kick.

The rules are fair and must be followed to a T and with complete acceptance both of the mind, the body and the spirit. They are as follows:

Simple Version (Bill of Nights Lite):

1) Go out early on a beautiful day
2) Don’t expect anything more then getting the chance to experience your city
3) Don’t make plans or make phone calls to see what your friends are up to
4) Push your self to stay out all day and night, do not go home till after midnight

Full Body Version (mmmm…..Sooooo meaty):
1) You must pick a beautiful day. Good weather and good sun is key

2) You must leave the house early, no later then 11 AM

3) You cannot have any expectations or plans set up for the day.

4) You must be prepared to enjoy the day and nature for what it is, do not expect to drink, or have “fun”. Focus more on getting to know your city, enjoying the day and being alone with your thoughts

5) You can not call a friend, you can answer calls but you can not make calls at any point of the night to see what going on with others. Doing so will derail the fate that nature has worked so hard to prepare that you have no chance of foreseeing.


6) You must go into any bar, restaurant or diner that catches your eye. If you have even the slightest of curiosity – follow it. Even if it’s to just go inside the establishment and walk around to get a feel for it and leave.

7) You must force your self to have a beer, snack or coffee at some of these places. Try your best not to convince yourself otherwise, walk in!

8) Make small talk with strangers. I know this is tough for many of you, especially the shy ones, but as a recovering shyaholic I must tell you every chat has possible outcomes that grow exponentially greater when you and your world are combined to help permiutate the possible outcomes; onother words its necessary to shake your destiny up a bit. Small talk with strangers when you’re by yourself is like a brilliant chef throwing spices into a soup that allows for an unexpected taste to dazzle his customers. I learned from traveling throughout Europe that it was the necessity to experience my surrounding on a budget that forced me to asked questions about where to go, how they like their town etc. As Blanche DuBois put it , Always depend on the kindness of strangers

9) Wear sneakers

10) If you get tired sit on a bench but don’t get too comfortable, keep walking and exploring new neighborhoods. There is always a dip of excitement a few hours into the adventure. It’s normal and is a hump that needs to be passed much like a cramp you would get in a race.

11) Observe your surrounding do not stare at the ground

12) Do not have head phones on. The city is bustling with activity and you may just find, as I always have, someone you know in a random part of town bump into you. It’s amazing how bloody often this happens!

13) You must stay out till after midnight and not in any single place….once again keep moving

14) say yes. If you do see someone you know and they ask you to come with them for lunch or a beer etc….go!

15) Always leave one opportunity experienced for another new presented opportunity. Allot of people go wrong here. The night turns out great early, they get excited that The Bill of Nights worked and get too comfortable in that experience to entertain the possibility of a different one. A new request comes in and is turned down, the person thinking that the night was already success…it is not a success until you are out after midnight and interacting with all possible out comes. See 3+4


Remember it is not a single event your are perusing rather it is the night as a whole. Experience new things, new neighborhoods, all new adventures every chance you get. I know it snot easy. I catch myself making mistakes now and again but stick to the mantra and correct myself as soon as I can. I have had an amazing night implementing The Bill of Nights 100% out of the 10-12 times I’ve done it. Not only that, but close friends that implemented it correctly have also succeeded in an amazing story about unexpected encounteres and memorable experiences.

If you believe in your city, your city will believe in you!

P.S. If you have a good or bad experience from your Implementation of “The Bill of Nights” leave it. Share your experience and comments 😀

Go Up and Transform your Hangover



Fantastic movie. It reminded me of one of my first novels I read as a child, James and the Giant Peach. I am very fond of movies that take a side story, or a backdrop to the story and make those peripherals rife in fantasy. The rest of the aspects of the movie are very true to life, in this case a fatherless boy and a scard old man. This movie was funny but didn’t create a comic relief character that pulled the audience to far from the story for a cheap laugh.  It was full of great life messages, a few tear-jerkers, and a glimmer of insipration here and there. The movie did an awesome job with “shorts”, where a life time of information was passed on to the viewer gracefully and memorably in very little time. I saw the  3D version and I think it gave a new dimension to movie (no pun intended). It’s not a game changer but it is much like not seeing 20/20 and then getting a pair of glasses. I may be crazy but I could have sworn something wasn’t quite right as a certain select few scenes made my eyes cross for a second.

The Hangover

The Hangover

Yes this movie is funny, that’s its goal, no doubt about it. Unfortunately, I think I was a victim of over hype by my friends. In my opinion it’s your responsibility as a friend to decrease expectation and allow the person you are describing the movie to be pleasantly suprsed not unfortunatly disapointed. One of my firends described it well, ‘its almost like the whole movie was built up for the credits at the end’ – you’ll see what he means. So, my advice, see it for a good luagh but dont go in there expecting to much if you want to get the most out of it. — Or just watch it drunk.

Transformers II
Transformers II

Transformers II Rise of the Fallen

I had a bad feeling going into this movie that I was not going to like it. Being that I loved transformers as a kid I had to give it a shot in a theater with all the bells and whists since its a CGI, and action pact film. As I stated above I’m happy I went in withte attitude so I wasnt upset walking out but much of the story was forced, and fairly cheesy. It was 2 1/2 hours so it was fairly long, it didnt have to be as there was allot of superflous scenes inthe move that didnt give the viewer any benifit at seeing. It is a kids movie even though it isnt rated as such and I dont know if I’m just getting or bt the vulgarity in it was few and far between but intense and unessecary when it would peek its head. There was conserviatism undertones and I feel like Michael Bay must be a stonch republican they way somethings were laid out. BUT the action was cool and the fighting scenes got me at the edge of my seat. I hate to nit-pick but I found myself lost form time to time when the robots would battle one another.  It was confising to see who was hitting who at times as the robots facad weresn’t clearly distinct from one another; a little more color would have helped.

Wu-hooo! New Wu-Tang Album

Chamber Music
Chamber Music

Wu-Tang, Chamber Music

Found this new album on (Shows recently released albums and a sle of ways to get them from torrent to youtube to amazon etc….)

It’s very Wu and it’s new and thats all I could ask for. Some times I want a completly new take and some evolution form a musician sometimes I just want more of what I like….This is just more of what I like as far as I cant tell.

Through the (cable) wire

Kanye Blog Logo

I am a Kanye West music fan, and I am not afraid to admit that I can love his music. I  appreciate his message but I do so for example  the same way one appreciates the lady in the next cubicle, who annoys the hell out of you, tells your jerk of a boss off in front of everyone. It’s intensly awkward, and your jaw drops open in amazementat the audacity of the action. In the back of your mind you may think however, ”way to go, you sure did stick it to him!’ — but you would rather not associate with them moving forward.

Anyways I came across his blog not to long ago ( and find that it churns out some great fasion, style, and songs. So I figured I would share the link and some of the posts with you, you can decide what to do with it for yourself.

Ryan Leslie
Ryan Leslie


Great Jam with harpsichords and a tight beat:



Cool looking interior designs:



Cool Art work:



And Interesting Videos: