Re-Hashing your reading experience. (Tablet Concepts/MacBook Touch)

Now that tablet PCs are not just “coulds” but are “soons,” designers must start to really reinvent the way the rest of us will digest content. Non laptop touch interactive computers are coming soon, probably the first jaw dropper in late January. So what will this new world be like?

Berg, a design company in London, tasked themselves with creating a video that describes this new reading environment.  How you will read content, scroll through content, orientation, spacing, interaction, etc. must all be well thought out to keep the reader immersed in the content while allowing the great new tools a tablet can offer to become exposed and, well, at your fingertips — ready to go.

Below is a video of Sports Illustreted demo’ing their newest SI release on the Apple MacBook Touch

And then another tablet video for the Courier from MicroSoft